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By Goke Ilesanmi

It is true that great and special people are born on special days. It is therefore not surprising that my great brother and Outstanding Officer, ACP ONI SUNDAY ADEBOWALE is celebrating his birthday this special day 9/9/2020.

It is not just the distinction of the day/date of birth that makes this DISTINGUISHED Police Officer special.

This excellent and rare model of masculinity is endowed with deep reservoirs of integrity, humility, generosity, simplicity, cordiality, hospitality and sociability. And those who know him can testify to all these.

Let me tell everyone this to reinforce my claim. After having lost contact with each other for about 17 years, I stumbled on him around the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH), Ikeja in 1999. He gave me a massive embrace, cheerfully took me to his office and gave me a wonderful reception.

He then gave me a BROTHERLY ORDER that I MUST be coming to his office REGULARLY.

Each time I got there, he would welcome me with commendable warmth reinforced with his trademark cheerful smile, take me to the high-profile food joint in the area and tell me to order anything I liked to take. He would also give me a huge amount of money each time I visited.

It is equally noteworthy that whenever I got to the office and he was not around, other officers in the office would warmly welcome me and even persuade me to wait for him.

Their friendly attention to me was a confirmation of the love this wonderful brother and exceptional Officer always showered on me in their presence and reflection of his cordiality with people in the office.

To crown it all, he is a treasury of knowledge or better still, a human encyclopedia. An ENCYCLOPEDIA of varied knowledge. Those who attended the same school (s) with him or have worked with him will attest to this fact.

He was my Senior and Senior Prefect in secondary school and it was always repeated standing ovations for him whenever there was a quiz competition, especially on social science and current affairs.

What’s more, his consistently-neat, well-starched and specially-ironed glittering school uniform that fitted him admirably was an outward manifestation of the distinction of his personality.

The elegance of the Police uniform on him now and his professional comportment will readily tempt you to join the Police.

The sky is the beginning NOT the LIMIT of your ability to get to the very top my wonderful  brother and exemplary Officer. You will reach farther into the stars and the moon.

I raise my glass in a toast to you ACP ONI SUNDAY ADEBOWALE as you celebrate your special day today.

God will give you the grace to celebrate many more years filled greater accomplishments, divine elevation,  peace, joy and sound health.


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