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By Goke Ilesanmi
It is a reality that within all human beings lies a seed of greatness waiting for germination to maturation and harvest. And it takes timely discovery and sowing of this great seed and/or realisation, utilisation and maximisation of our potential to really become great achievers in life.
It is inspiring that one of the very few people that have successfully performed this expected multipronged task is OTUNBA ODEYEYIWA KAZEEM OLAYEMI, a public-spirited chief, outstanding corporate executive, strategic business leader and intelligent professional accountant.
OTUNBA ODEYEYIWA is a rare human being as validated by his twin passion. He has strong twin passion for business success and betterment of humanity or the society.
His twin passion is best confirmed by the CAREER OBJECTIVE statement of his corporate CV thus, “To be an entrepreneur and productively and profitably run my own businesses, contribute to macro-economic development through massive job creation and give back to the society and the needy through well-structured corporate social responsibility initiatives and/or community development programmes.”
In other words, this statement expresses his personal business Mission and Vision. And he is living up to these because it is said that whatever one conceives and believes in, one can achieve; whatever one desires, one can acquire and whatever one visualises, one can definitely actualise or realise.
His personal corporate mission and vision have really found practical fulfilment in the fact that he is now the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Repton Group, a Group that has several profitable subsidiaries such as Kazab Heritage, Success Link, Defrost Ventures Limited, etc. Repton Group is mainly into distribution, logistics, farming, construction and general trading.
In strong confirmation of the depth of the business management acumen of this exceptional entrepreneur, Kazab Heritage, which is the subsidiary dealing in cement business emerged the NATIONAL LARGEST DISTRIBUTOR of Lafarge Cement and NATIONAL FOURTH LARGEST DISTRIBUTOR of Dangote Cement for the year 2017.
Beyond business success, he has remained committed to the philanthropic aspect of his personal corporate mission and vision. In appreciation of his massive communal commitment, persistent royal support and corporate social responsibility initiatives, this generous Alhaji has been honoured with the traditional title of OTUNBA BOBAGUNWA OF MODAKEKE.
What’s more, in recognition of his towering business management capability, this Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria; Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria; Nigerian Institute of Marketing and Institute of Management Consultants of Nigeria has equally been conferred with the traditional business title of “Babalaje” (i.e. Successful Business Man) of Itori Egba Land.
Babalaje radiates a reservoir of interpersonal relationship and social fellowship as he understands the importance of networking to business success or career advancement. His membership of Lagos Country Club, Abeokuta Sports Club, Ikeja Business Club and Lagos Chambers of Commerce and Industry underscores this unique social attribute.
Otunba and his business Group are one of the most loyal and supportive high-profile clients of my firm Gokmar Communication Consulting in terms of persistently offering us profitable projects to execute since our inception. In short, his business Group gave us the first corporate project we executed early this year.
This had been before the knockout punch of Covid-19 unexpectedly hit businesses.
We at Gokmar Communication Consulting appreciate you and rejoice with you Otunba as you celebrate your birthday today, Wednesday, 16th September, 2020.
Our prayer is that God will bless your new age as well as the many years ahead.

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