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COURSE FEE:N50, 000 (VAT not inclusive). This covers registration fee and online training material. NOTE: The first five people to register will get a book free. 


MODE OF PAYMENT:Pay the N50, 000 (VAT not inclusive) into Gokmar Communication Consulting Acc No: 1013548091 at Zenith Bank.


NOTE: Pay 5% VAT (N2, 500), using our corporate TIN: 17042669-0001.  

After payment, call or text your name, teller number and phone number to any of these numbers: 08055068773; 08056030424; 08187499425

You can also email your details to us at: gokeiles2010@gmail.com or info@gokeilesanmi.com.ng




There are three things you need to sell yourself in life and reach the peak of success. These are: COMPETENCE, LIKEABILITY and LUCK. While competence and likeability will almost always deliver “luck” to you, one potent instrument that is very critical to your being able to advertise your competence and become likeable and “lucky” is the POWER OF EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION, especially excellent public  speaking and presentation skills. This is why an average but articulate and confident candidate often outshines brilliant but inarticulate candidates at an oral job interview.


Employees: More than ever before, people are now being increasingly called upon to present their information publicly to co-workers, customers, etc. To get ahead, you must make presentation. Being an excellent presenter will enhance your business, career and social life.


Organisations: Organisations from time to time make presentations to existing and prospective customers to sustain and increase their customer base. This means that if your staff cannot display enviable oral (and written) communication skills, your business is paying the price in lost time, lost customers and lost revenues.


Politicians: As a politician, for instance, you need to master the art of effective public speaking and persuasive communication to succeed because you must be able to convince the electorate and even win opposition over during electoral campaigns so that they can vote for you.


Barack Obama: If President Barack Obama was able to win election without resorting to rigging, and became the first Black President in the United States of America because of his skills of logical presentation, didactic articulation and linguistic simplicity and creativity, then it means YOU TOO can achieve your goal in life through exceptional public speaking and presentation skills.


Invitation: You are therefore invited to our “EFFECTIVE PUBLIC SPEAKING AND BUSINESS PRESENTATION COURSE” at GOKMAR COMMUNICATION CONSULTING, 2/4, Esomo Close, Opposite St. Leo Catholic Church Second Gate/White House Hotel, off Toyin Street, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.




This course aims to enhance the oral and written communication capacity as well as linguistic proficiency of participants.


At the end of the programme, participants will be able to:


*Prepare a presentation and determine the best or most appropriate oral delivery technique


*Overcome their psychological, physiological, linguistic and knowledge-level-induced fears; speak confidently and display exceptional oratorical competence during presentations


*Easily write persuasive business proposals and make winning business presentations


*Get their dream job and enhance their career with public speaking skills


*Master the techniques of effective motivational speaking


*Create decent, original, situational, intellectual and motivational humour to boost their general and business presentations


*Clear the cobweb of Nigerian English away from their (global) career or business prospects through mastery of correct usage of basic grammatical concepts


*Appeal accurately to the target audience


*Solve their temporary stammer/stutter


*Know the fundamentals of making presentations in different cultures abroad







Areas of discussion:


*Process of preparing excellent presentations for effective delivery


*Oral delivery methods


*How to use body language to enhance your presentations


*Building self-confidence/overcoming your fears


*Differentiating between anxiety and fears


*Overcoming your temporary stammer


*Connecting effectively with the audience/Enhancing your speaking engagement with humour


*Managing the stage effectively        


*Handling the dreaded question-and-answer session with ease/How to handle a hostile audience


*Fundamentals of making presentations in different cultures abroad


*Rules guiding professional corporate and public humour


*How to successfully handle corporate events as an emcee/comedian





Areas of discussion:


*Sequence of general persuasion and persuasive speaking skills


*Enhancing your business communication with persuasive headings


*Proposals and how to write persuasive business proposals


*Written response to Request for Proposal (RFP)


*Letter and formal proposal structures




Areas of discussion:


*Advantages and disadvantages of oral (business) presentations


*Ordinary oral business presentations


*Sales presentations (including solicited follow-ups to Persuasive Business Proposals)


*Closing more consulting sales orally


*General technical presentations


*Oral response to Request for Proposal (i.e. Oral proposal) 





Areas of discussion:


*How to become an exceptional motivational speaker


*Motivating your audience with appropriate and relevant humour and personal examples





Areas of discussion:


*Clearing the cobweb of Nigerian English away from your (global) presentations


*Interpreting dictionary symbols (e.g. “U”, “C”, “V”, “N”, Prep”, etc.) guiding word usage to avoid grammatical errors in your presentations 


*Mastering application of grammatical Indirect Speech and exceptional cases of its usage


*Using proper arrangement of words (Word Order) to achieve intended communication and response


*Grammatical voice and diplomacy of communication


*Mastering correct usage of various Tenses for accurate relation of action to time


*Communicating intended possibilities with accurate employment of Conditional Clauses





Areas of discussion:


*Enriching your oral presentations with effective voice control (voice modulation/vocal variety/intonation; depth and quality of voice tone)


*Holding the microphone confidently and using it to achieve effective voice control


*Understanding different sounds of English Language


*Right situation to use Standard British English pronunciation in Nigeria/second language environment


*Inaccurate pronunciation in Nigerian/second-language environment English and effects on stress; and non-usage of intonation to reflect level of cordiality, etc.




This programme is for Marketers, Junior Workers, Supervisors, Managers, Senior Managers, Chief Executives, Business Owners, Corporate Emcees, Comedians, Clergymen, even Job-seekers, etc., who want to enhance their career with effective public speaking and presentation skills.




*Lectures hold between 10a.m and 4p.m every Saturday (including breaks)


REGISTRATION/LECTURES:It is now a regular training programme whose registration and lectures are always in progress.


VENUE:Our office at 2/4, Esomo Close, Opposite St. Leo Catholic Church Second Gate/White House Hotel, off Toyin Street, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.


COURSE FEE:N50,000 (VAT not inclusive). This covers registration fee and online training material. NOTE: The first five people to register will get a book free.  


MODE OF PAYMENT: Pay the N50,000 (VAT not inclusive) into Gokmar Communication Consulting Acc No: 1013548091 at Zenith Bank.


NOTE: Pay 5% VAT (N2,500), using our corporate TIN: 17042669-0001.  

After payment, call or text your name, teller number and phone number to any of these numbers: 08055068773; 08056030424; 08187499425

You can also email your details to us at: gokeiles2010@gmail.com or info@gokeilesanmi.com.ng


METHODOLOGY:This involves lectures, practical sessions, etc.


CERTIFICATION:At the end of the programme, participants will be given a professional certificate of attendance. They will also automatically become members of our public speaking club.



Our excellent and dynamic consulting services thrive on 100 per cent-refund guarantee for clients that feel NOT INTELLECTUALLY SATISFIED; or think they have not really got substantial value for their money at the end of consulting or training.



GOKE ILESANMI, Managing Consultant/CEO, Gokmar Communication Consulting; Publisher/Editor-in-Chief, www.gokeilesanmi.com.ng and former Acting Editor of Financial Standard newspaper, is also a columnist at The Nation newspaper and former columnist/editorial consultant at Business World newspaper.


In October 2010, he won International PLATINUM Columnist and Best Columnist Awards, which endorse(d) his competence in 21 knowledge areas, from the U.S.A-based ezinearticles.com currently having about 500,000 international columnists, mostly whites. The insignia of the awards is on his global website www.gokeilesanmi.com.ng. Under the insignia, Goke’s library at ezinearticles.com can be linked by clicking the phrase “Link to My Ezine Library”.


Ilesanmi now regularly gets writing contracts from the USA and beyond due to his competence, confirmed by his winning the multiple international awards.


If you Google his full name GOKE ILESANMI, you will get more than 10,000 global results and comments on him, including that of LARRY JAMES, a renowned American author quoting him (GOKE ILESANMI) as an international authority in his (James’s) article on Networking.


A former lecturer at the Ondo State Polytechnic (now Rufus Giwa Polytechnic), Lagos Outreach, he holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Literary Studies from the University of Ado-Ekiti; as well as Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) Certificate and Council of Peers Award for Excellence (CPAE) Certificate in Public Communication. He is also a member of the international Professional Speakers and Seminar Leaders Group; Lagos Business Club, Nigeria/West Africa; Harvard Business Review Group; Global Career, Life, Executive and Business Coaches Network; First Business Alliance Group; Motivation Nation Group, among others.


Ilesanmi is also an exceptional motivational speaker; versatile corporate emcee; career management coach and corporate leadership expert.


A voracious reader, he has read dictionaries several times and reviewed about 2,000 books covering Public Speaking, Business Communication, Business Management, Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management, Leadership, Public Relations, Marketing/Selling, Personal Effectiveness, etc., in his Book Review columns that have run for about ten years now in the Nigerian mass media and online.


Ilesanmi was consulted by the Anyiam-Osigwe Foundation in 2003 to edit some of its Lecture Series books containing the works of eminent figures such as the Right Honourable John Major, former British Prime Minister; General Yakubu Gowon, former Nigerian Head of State; Senator Bola Tinubu, former Governor of Lagos State; Professor Chike Edozien, the Asagba of Asaba and Professor (Mrs.) Joy Ogwu, former Director-General, Nigerian Institute of International Affairs. He was later commended by the Foundation Co-ordinator, Mr. Emmanuel Anyiam-Osigwe for excellent editing.


He was commended for exceptional brilliance in Syntax (Grammar) in 1995 by Professor Olu Olagoke, author of Incorruptible Judge and one of the foremost linguists in Africa.


A former columnist/editorial consultant with Business World newspaper, he now writes his popular columns Business Communication, Book Review, Empowerment Clinic and Workplace Matters in The Nation Newspaper, based in Nigeria.



For further inquiries, visit our office: Gokmar Communication Consulting, 2/4, Esomo Close, Opposite St. Leo Catholic Church Second Gate/White House Hotel, off Toyin Street, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.


Tel: +234 (0)8056030424; +234 (0)8187499425


E-mails:  gokeiles2010@gmail.com AND info@gokeilesanmi.com.ng


You can also visit our website: www.gokeilesanmi.com.ng for details about the training




(1) The course has been an eye-opener to my aspiration as a public speaker.

The course contents and delivery methods are highly impressive.  Within the short time that I have spent, I have been exposed in my organisation, because, it gives me courage in my interactions. Without people being told, I am now the focus person whenever we have a programme. This stimulates me to read wide.


Mr. Goke Ilesanmi’s methods of teaching Public Speaking need to be introduced to those who have undergone Basic Communication Studies to enable them to perform effectively. 


I therefore recommend that it is a course worthy of spending time to do. 

-Lawrence Adekunle Ladejobi

Parish Secretary, St. Patrick Catholic Church, Ipaja Lagos and Graduate of NIJ, Ogba, Lagos

(Effective & Communication Studies)





(2) The course is really a guide to success in any career or profession.   I will suggest the training should be regular.


Mr. Goke Ilesanmi, the Co-ordinator of this course is a Professor of Communication, a force to be reckoned with. So this course is recommended to all those who want to succeed in life, business or career.

-Ojewale Samuel, a Motivational Speaker and CEO, ASO CONSULTING COMMUNICATION (08090563882)




Comments from my in-house training at QuaDitect Consultants, Maitama, Abuja in March 2012


(3) After attending the course, I now understand that every aspect of life requires effective communication for the achievement of expected results. I learnt in the course that the English we speak in Nigeria is not acceptable internationally and something drastic needs to be done, including training of this kind.


I now understand proper use of English, body language, mode of presentation, etc. I hereby recommend this course to all that matter in the Nigerian society and many that still believe they know much as I had thought before undergoing the training. I look forward to a future refresher course.

-Architect Seyi Oni, QuaDitect Consultants, Maitama, Abuja. 08037037515




(4) This course is an eye-opener. It has shown me how English language is daily misused in Nigeria as well as steps towards speaking and writing Standard British English.


The course has also given me the confidence I need to forge ahead in my career presentations which daily are part of my professional life.

I now know that speakers are not born but are made through calculated and tested professional procedures practised with time.

-Architect Aderopo Joseph, QuaDitect Consultants, Maitama, Abuja. 08037862643




(5) It is a comprehensive course that exposes one to day-to-day mistakes in Nigerian English. It is a must for anyone that wants to stand out in public speaking and business presentations, especially politicians, professionals, etc.


I will also advise that those in the media should attend this course so that they can correct the errors they spread to the public every day. Mr. Goke Ilesanmi is a genius. I advise him to keep up the good work.

-Architect David Idowu, QuaDitect Consultants, Maitama, Abuja. 08039687578




(6) I never believed I could stand up and speak in public without fear or being short of words. But I now speak confidently. Thanks to Gokmar Communication Consulting for organising this 4-Saturday “EFFECTIVE PUBLIC SPEAKING AND BUSINESS PRESENTATION COURSE”.


I strongly recommend this course to those of you still finding it difficult to speak in public. After attending the programme, you will never remain the same again.

Mrs. Sowemimo Folake (08133218821)




(7) It is incredible! This is a University of Communication opened by the language and communication guru himself, Mr. Goke Ilesanmi to get the world out of the enclosure of public speaking and business presentation challenges.


After the course, my goal of becoming an exceptional Motivational Speaker has now been achieved because of the extensive motivational speaking training received during the comprehensive course. I advise those who want to excel in life to attend this multipurpose programme.

-Okechukwu Augustine (08033437277)




(8) This programme has brought out the action in me by helping me to miraculously eliminate my public speaking fear. I hereby recommend the course to anybody that is ready to achieve enduring career or business success.

-Tayo Ojerinde (07039662781)




High-profile participants such as a Military Group Captain; a Director in the Lagos State Ministry of Finance; a top official at the University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan, Oyo State, etc., who prefer to be anonymous for official reasons of privacy, have also attended, commended and recommended the programme.


Different comments from my in-house training at BD Consult, Magodo Estate, Lagos on Monday, 18th and Friday, 22nd June,  2012.


(9) You are exceptionally brilliant. How can one attain your type of competence in English Language and Communication? You need to find a way of educating as many Nigerians as possible on the shortcomings of the type of English we speak and its global implication. Please endeavour to write a dictionary and reflect some peculiarities of English spoken in Nigeria.


The Participants:


-MD/CEO (His number not included)


Wole Afape (08034437122)


-Yetunde Falade (08032016954)


-Jay Kassang Odugbemi (07026014142)


-Olayiwola Tope (08023657504)


-Azeez Omotayo (08033311620)


-Peter Ikechukwu (08062968873)


-Oluwatobi Tiyamiyu (08023765268)


-Bolaji Abimbola (08032501921)


-Mosuro Adefela (08036024087)


-Obike Chidinma (08026700057)



(10) The Public Speaking Course at Gokmar Communication Consulting has evidently fine-tuned me in many ways. Having an avenue to learn the art of expression both publicly and formally remains an unforgettable experience. I am deeply satisfied with all that I learnt in the course. The course is presented in a very distinct way that sustains interest and enhances understanding.

-Biodun Hakeem Laaro (08138038032)


Comments from my in-house training at QuaDitect Consultants, Maitama, Abuja in September 2012


(11) The Public Speaking Course has made a great impact on my general knowledge of not just basic communication skills but English as a whole. It has given me greater insight on confidence and solutions to public speaking fears. It has also enhanced my knowledge of proposal writing. In general, the course is very informing and covers larger areas of English Language and communication where most of us fall short.

-Shittu Yinka Ahmed (08033500534)


(12) The course is worthwhile. It is motivational and more importantly very educative. It has revealed my deficiency has enhanced my skills of public speaking and business presentation. No doubt, I am a better and more confident speaker at the end of the course.

-Abdulwaheed Babatunde Yahya (08035296886)


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