Embracing Possibility Thinking For Success

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By Goke Ilesanmi


Most people in the second language environment habitually pretend that English Language is “sequentially” their “mother tongue”. That is, the first language in their acquired languages. They pretend that they do not understand or speak their local languages as much as they understand or speak English.


There is no need for unnecessary argument with them. Do you know how to really ascertain if such people are mere pretenders or not? You can catch them red-handed in their sub-conscious by frightening them in the dark, for instance. If they shout in English, it means English is their first language of acquisition and is therefore “sequentially” their “mother tongue”. So they are not pretenders. But if they exclaim, for instance, in “fermented” Yoruba such as “Yeeeee — mokuoooooo —“, instead of “Help, I am dead”, it simply means they are just pretenders.

The same is true for success passion today. Some are mere pretenders who will pay lip-service to success without thinking success in their sub-conscious, not to talk of thinking possibility.




Look, you need to believe in improbable possibility rather than impossible probability if you really want to succeed. There is need for every right-thinking person to wake up and unleash his or her potential and turn his or her life around through possibility thinking. To be able to do this, one should need to understand why things go wrong and what he or she can do about such situations. Things happen for many reasons, and what is most important is not the reason, but how we are going to handle the situation. When you stop taking impossible situations personally and instead remain focused on possible opportunities, things will definitely begin to change for the better in your life. Yes, there is no doubt about this. You need to erase “Impossibility” from your dictionary.


You need to notice that no matter what you do or how positive you are, something always seems to go wrong, and it would be like there is one problem after another. In other words, as soon as you get one problem solved, another one emerges. This is part of reality of life that you must be prepared to live with.


Adding an apostrophe and space


You know that you can grammatically change the negative adjective “Impossible” positively by adding an apostrophe to the first syllable “Im-” and creating a space between it and the remaining word “Possible”, to get “I’m possible”. Switch over to your psychological gear of possibility whenever the impossibility gear is impeding the acceleration of your vehicle of success.


First law of nature

Dr. Walter Doyle Staples, author of Power to Win says regrettably, most people are not conscious of the first law of nature that stipulates that what you are thinking now will create your future. By way of biblical allusion, “as a man thinketh so he is”. Possibility thinking is the management of ideas. Some people never learn to manage time; some never learn to manage money; while some never learn to manage people. Some never learn to manage themselves. Possibility thinking thus focuses on idea management strategies.


In the same vein, Dr. Robert Schuller, a great motivational speaker educates that nobody is a total failure if he or she dares to try to do something. Schuller asks if you are facing tough times today and prescribes that you should walk in the path of possibility thinking.


Clear thinking and action

To be able to make the impossible possible in your life journey, another thing to do is to have clear thinking, empowered sense of self and take action. Clear thinking and an empowered sense of self are the necessary foundation from which to turn impossibility into possibility. When you plan your life and set goals with the powerful meaning of purpose, you will remain on track regardless of any obstacle in your path.


Dr. Robert Anthony, a renowned motivational speaker says it is one thing to know that we can make the impossible possible, but what is more important is doing something about it.


Imaginative foresight

Having good judgement and imaginative foresight constitutes another factor that is very crucial in the course of moving from the despicable podium of impossibility thinking to the enviable rostrum of possibility thinking. According to Paul Getty, an American billionaire and author of How to be Rich, good judgement and imaginative foresight are two qualities which, working together, can make the ‘impossible’ possible. The valuable habits of healthy scepticism and individual confidence can, and often do, help a determined individual refute the discouragement of the crowd.


Last words

If you are thirsty for enduring success in life, you need to use your psychological eraser to erase the psychological first syllable (“Im-“) of “Impossibility” in your life, so that your life can begin to experience dramatic transformation.


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