Imagine Getting Paid For Owning An e-Commerce Website!

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That is exactly what we do at the African Web Project.

At the African Web Project, every subscriber is considered a stakeholder with fringed social, marketing and financial benefits.

This is because, we understand the challenges of the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) when it comes to online business.

MSMEs do not have the luxury of funds and expertise to set up and manage robust, dynamic and interactive e-commerce websites to grow their businesses beyond their geographical locations.

They are faced with heavy cost and challenges ranging from web-designing, web-hosting, domain-name registration, search engine optimisation, advertising, digital marketing, site security and updates.

Unfortunately, new websites are popping up all the time, but most of them do not succeed or renew their package after expiration due to lack of effective and efficient management. Sadly, the odds are often stacked against you with such crowded competition and not enough money for marketing.

Introducing Webbify:

Webbify is an amazing website builder that offers financial returns on subscriptions. It is a remarkable and innovative technology for inclusive participation in the e-commerce industry with incentives for all and sundry.

With this development, all your web expenses are hereby settled with an all-in-one Webbify tool. Simply set up your own automated website with full compliments, functionality and features of e-commerce for sales, marketing and promotion of ideas, researches, inventions, products and services at N10 per day! Yes, N10 per day!

Your website comes with a customised homepage, embedded blog engine, payment gateway, social media channels and complete optimisation. What you simply need to do is to integrate your logo, banner and upload as well as monetise your products and services.




















Welcome to African Web Project (AWP):

African Web Project is the vehicle that drives the sales, marketing and promotion of Webbify as a platform for setting up e-commerce websites. It is a nationwide campaign designed and powered by Yeryms Limited with focus on the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) under the central theme: “Own Your Own Website.”

What Is In It For You?

First, under the African Web Project, every subscriber is entitled to a dedicated and branded website with full compliments, functionality and features of e-Commerce – blog engine, payment gateway, social media channels and unlimited products and service uploads/capacity.

Second, every stakeholder is also entitled to automatic dividends from the global sign-ups of Bizplus Explorer, Profile Development service and e-Commerce set ups with or without referrals.

Third, you can choose to become a certified affiliate for promotion of Webbify to family, friends, relatives and the general public in return for commissions and bonuses up to 7 generations.

Fourth, every stakeholder enjoys free traffic to each dedicated domain for sales, marketing and promotion of ideas, researches, inventions, products and services seamlessly and effortlessly.

Fifth, every stakeholder has an inbuilt wallet attached to the dashboard where withdrawals can be initiated. The Dashboard accommodates all earnings ranging from direct and indirect commissions, bonuses to the daily and consistent dividends from global sign-ups.

Sixth, in the event of any unforeseen circumstances, there is Group Life Assurance (GLA) & Group Personal Accident (GPA) policy for certified and committed stakeholders. This policy covers accidents and medicals.

Stop Missing Out!

Dear friends, this engaging, rewarding and well planned program is the latest in the e-commerce industry and is designed to make subscribers earn a lifetime commissions, bonuses and dividends even when they are sick or aged.

In the event of unexpected death, the family of a stakeholder can access money for children’s school fees, house rent and sundry expenses.

We are concerned and committed to effective and efficient service delivery with automated and structured compensation model for all users.

Safe, Secured & Convenient

There is no room for quick passes! And you do not have to be a Pro to be part of this social, marketing and financial solidarity program.

African Web Project could be a part-time job for full-time students, civil servants and those in the private sectors. And at the same time, it could be a full-time job for part-time students, unemployed youth and serving corp members.

The system is impartially opened to anyone who can read, write and operates internet-enabled devices for mutual prosperity benefits.

At the African Web Project, we do not work – we live it! No one ever asks you to work overtime or checks if you show up late in the morning. Those concepts do not apply to us! You work at your pace, prospecting and mobilizing MSMEs to set up their websites using Webbify.

Here Is A Special Offer!

We are in a race to network a one million user-based Africa – International Market Arena of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) for sales, marketing and promotion of ideas, researches, inventions, products and services in which every stakeholder earns income through platform promotion and referrals.

With our graded 7 income generations, you can hardly spend an hour without receiving commission, bonus or dividend’s notifications from networks.

Aside the dividend that is automated per global transaction for every user, a  stakeholder and his/her downlines can decide and determine the volume of their direct and indirect commissions and bonuses through active participations.














This Project Is For You!

This project is for you – if you want to increase your visibility, popularity and market shares. If you want to become a remarkable source of hope, financial support and encouragement to your family, friends and relatives. If you want to be part of a social, marketing and financial solidarity network.

Ladies and gentlemen, why waste your money or watch someone waste his money on web development when there is a rewarding alternative? The e-commerce has come to stay! Please stop losing out in the evolution.


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