Make Money from Your Hidden Talents

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Author: David Ray

Publisher: Inner Eye Publishing

Reviewer: Goke Ilesanmi


One of the ways to get rich is through exploitation of our talents. At times, these talents are hidden and need to be unveiled. That is why David Ray, an exceptionally brilliant motivational writer, endowed with the skill of appreciable analytical details has written this book tagged “Make Money from Your Hidden Talents”.

This book contains a lot of money-making tips, from earning a bit extra by exploiting the work and skills you are devoting to your hobbies to complete detailed plans to run your successful business from home with possibility of expanding it into your life’s work.

Structurally, this book is segmented into three parts of over a hundred concepts. Part one is generically christened Unearth your secret wealth, and contains about 26 different concepts. According to Ray here, rich people are not successful because they were born with a silver spoon in their mouths or because of luck. He adds that they are rich because they follow certain principles, whether they are aware of them or not. They have certain goals, take actions, step-by-step, talk to certain people and seek out certain opportunities which help them to get where they are, stresses this author.

Ray says we live in a society that believes that some people are fortunate and others are not, adding that nearly everyone likes to believe that one day he may win the lottery and become fortunate too. “But if somebody told you that if you stood outside your front door you would be likely to be struck by lightning, hit by a meteorite or a falling aircraft, you would find this possibility extremely unlikely, although it has the same chance of happening as you do of winning the lottery,” he illustrates. Ray submits that at present, there are a large number of get-rich-quick schemes in circulation, leading people to believe that they can get money without doing certain things first.

As regards the concept of how to tap abundance like a natural resource, this author says never before in history has life offered so many opportunities for so many people as at this turn of the new millennium. Ray asserts that the revolution in information technology means that mankind has tapped an immense resource unknown to us at any other time in history. He says this resource is information and availability of information via the media, internet, print and education allows us to equip ourselves with unique skills.

This author also discusses how to turn your thoughts into raw creative power to change your life; how to ‘invent’ a better life; how to turn attitude into most financially rewarding skill; how creating value for other people creates wealth for you; how to discover hidden talents and potential and turn them into the business of your life, etc.

Part two is summarily woven together as Your business basics. The first concept examined here is tagged A brief practical tour of the business from home. According to Ray here, “Home-based businesses are becoming the trend of the new millennium. Tens of thousands of workers are responding to new economic and social realities brought about by the information revolution. They are opting for this way of life, a life in which they can make their own hours, commute to work in seconds, make their own choices and become their own bosses.”

As regards the legality of working at home, Ray says before setting up your new business, it would be advisable to check on the legal status of your business. “You need to check the laws for your community which may dictate if you can legally operate a business from home,” submits this author.

Apart from examining the concepts of home and the legality surrounding it, other concepts notionally X-rayed here are business licence; designing your workplace; financial planning; reason for having a business plan; insurance and legal considerations; factors determining your success; investing in good equipment; selecting the right product or service; developing a good marketing technique, etc.

Part three is conceptually summarised as Find the business of your life, with about 70 different concepts examined. The first concept in this part is called The ultimate money making guide to new life. According to Ray here, associations are the most powerful forces of your hidden talents and can lead you into unimaginable opportunities. He says your greatest opportunities lie within the ability of your brain to make connections.

This author advises you not to dismiss any section of this book just because you feel you are not interested. “Treat this book as your guide, your oracle, to open the whole universe of your hidden talents and lead you into a life of fortune and abundance. You are now at the threshold of an abundant life. Good luck and good fortune,” submits Ray.

He also teaches you how to make outrageous connections to multiply your income; how to set up your own craft consignment shop; how to make money in advertising; how to start and operate your own profitable import/export business at home; how to make your fortune with self-improvement seminars; how to prepare your curriculum vitae and get better jobs; how to write research papers, etc.

As regards style, Ray’s efforts are worthy of commendation in this text. Apart from the radiation of analytical simplicity, this author gives attention to details in this book and employs a lot of reflective illustrations just to achieve notional conviction and analytical clarity. To arouse readers’ interest and ensure readers’ practical participation, Ray includes the Exercise section. By compacting the many concepts into just three parts, the study of this book is made easy, and the otherwise boredom that would have arisen as a result of many chapters is avoided.

However, in part one, error of wrong application of conditional clauses is noticed. Instead of the Open Possibility type, “But if somebody tells you that if you stand outside your front door you will be likely to be struck by lightning…”, the Theoretical Possibility type, “But if somebody told you that if you stood outside your front door you would be likely to be struck by lightning…” is used for a possible action.

Generally, this book is fantastic and highly recommended to anybody that wants to get rich through discovery of hidden talents.

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