Mastering digital-age marketing communications skills(2)

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By Goke Ilesanmi

Last week, we said the concept of effective communication, whether Marketing Communications and/or Corporate Communication, has changed in scope and dynamics in this digital age with the multiplicity of technological devices and social media platforms. We added that the world is now a global village with many business and career opportunities as well as global threats of competition. We said we need to communicate well to overcome the challenges and stay ahead of competition.

We said Marketing Communications refers to the various media, means and/or tools adopted by corporate organisations to convey messages about their products, services and/or brands either directly or indirectly to (prospective) customers with the intention to persuade them to buy. We differentiated between Marketing Communications and Corporate communication. We also discussed the concept of digital marketing communications.


Guidelines for the digital Marketing Communication team

Adoption of the Digital Marketing Communication strategy means there must be effective collaboration among the Information and Communications Technology, Marketing and Corporate Communication Departments to be able to achieve an impressive digital marketing result and corporate profitability. Effective use of digital communication platforms requires organisational alignment; shared goals and guidelines as well as allocation of resources so as to appropriately assign staff support roles and build capacity. The following are some of the necessary guidelines for the team to achieve success:


   Understanding target audience and their needs: The team must select the right audience for the product or service. This is one important part of every marketing strategy. They will conduct marketing research to achieve market segmentation and targeting and therefore embark on Relationship Marketing based on available resources and competitive advantage as revealed by strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) analysis. This is necessary because if you offer your products to the wrong target group, then the whole strategy goes to waste.

  Creating an authentic brand voice: Sarah Jessica Smith, a Sydney-based logger and expert in business, marketing, productivity and workspace issues says what distinguishes one brand from another is its unique voice. This voice concerns the way the brand communicates not only externally but also internally. To create a distinctive voice,  eam members have to communicate among themselves and discuss ideas and plans. Since we live in a technological era, you should provide innovative communication tools for them to collaborate and come up with great marketing strategies.

   Good business communication and literate English: The team must ensure effective communication facilitated by use of standard British English and persuasion strategies. Without good business communication, any kind of business is doomed to fail right from the outset. Great communication skills are necessary especially for performing key functions online, especially if the area concerns marketing strategies, tactics and product placement. In digital marketing, communication has a massive impact on launching campaigns, finding prospects and sales.

    Socialising well on the social media: The team must interact very well on the social media to be able to win the hearts of prospects through the establishment of strong social credibility. Social networks play an important role in the business world. Most organisations think of them as a great opportunity for customer service. Social media is the top choice of a diverse audience that loves to spend hours socialising and discovering new products and brands. This makes them the ideal platforms for promoting, targeting, raising brand awareness, and most of all — communication. Still, many companies dislike social media and avoid them altogether. Those that recognise their potential and power, use social platforms to interact with customers and drive their sales. When it comes to interaction on social media, you have to be available and responsive to customers and their comments and messages. Responding to their questions and acknowledging their opinion are small details but they can take you a long way in communication and marketing.

   Digital marketing strategy: The team must have a digital marketing strategy in place. The digital marketing strategy can be integrated with the traditional marketing strategy or put separately.

   Enhancement of corporate reputation: The team must enhance corporate perception and reputation online through massive and effective public relations, positive publicity and comportment.

   Engaging audience with valuable posts: The team must post fresh and timely contents that stimulate dialogue with target audience. Contents contributed to social media platforms are public and often cannot be edited or deleted later. Even if you can delete them later, copies may have spread through reposting, and links to your original posts may show cached information. Therefore, the team must nclude key information that makes sense even if reposted out of context.

   Never delete negative feedback: The team should not remove or alter feedback just because it is negative. Deleting negative comments or feedback creates the appearance that you are censoring/hiding something and discourages open, authentic dialogue. Instead, post compelling responses to criticism and consider them as opportunities for growth.

   Remove inappropriate comments: While the team will not delete negative FEEDBACK, especially genuine complaints, inappropriate COMMENTS about the products, services or organisations should be removed as quickly as possible. These include contents that are completely out of point or offensive.

   Be the first to correct mistakes: If the team members make a mistake, they should admit it and make a quick and upfront correction.

To be continued

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