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We, My Future Matters Ministry, are a faith-based organisation inspired by divine calling to attend to a variety of spiritual, career, marital, social and emotional issues.

Our main objective is to nurture spiritually-conscious, intellectually-sound, maritally-enlightened, morally-upright and heavenly-focused youths endowed with passion for diligence and success.

We also aim to encourage establishment of peaceful Christian homes that will facilitate upbringing of responsible children that will serve as pacesetters in societal transformation in the future.

We desire to facilitate establishment of a harmonious and crime-free society through various personal effectiveness and awareness seminars on anti-corruption, human relations, career, marriage, spiritual development, etc.

We also aim to raise a generation of devout, responsible, respectful and diligent spinsters endowed with culinary skills as good future wives. We equally aim to encourage parental responsibility for matrimonial harmony, love and peace.

Another of our objective is to discourage exuberance-induced social vices such as pre-marital sex, drug abuse and addiction, cybercrime, etc., among the teeming youth.

We also have the objective of raising a generation of patriotic and transparent leaders to facilitate leadership effectiveness, spiritual advancement, societal equity and national development.

We equally aim to stimulate zeal for conventional and online evangelism to facilitate and accelerate fulfilment of the Great Commission (Acts 1:8; Matthew 28:19-20) and populate the heavenly kingdom.

One of our objectives is also to encourage embrace of (extra) handiwork by housewives, white-collar-job workers and everyone to ease financial tension, achieve financial independence and double streams of income respectively.


To ensure establishment of a God-fearing, equitable and peaceful society through advocacy of holy lifestyle, diligence, morality, marital harmony and heavenly zeal.


To become one the leading international faith-based Ministries reputable for massive awakening of consciousness towards attaining a bright earthly future and Paradise.


As a Ministry that aspires to succeed through the establishment of a strong corporate culture, our values serve as a compass for our actions and shape our operations.

Therefore, we value:

  • Operational Integrity and Transparency
  • Youth Enlightenment and Empowerment
  • Family Harmony
  • Spiritual Maturity
  • High Moral Standard
  • Devout Worship
  • Leadership Effectiveness
  • Marital Discipline
  • Fellowship and Societal Equity


We are passionately about attending to the spiritual, intellectual, moral, marital, career, social and emotional issues.

Therefore, our operations cover:

  • Spiritual Development
  • Career Choice and Development
  • Parental Roles in the Development of Children
  • Church Administration and/or Leadership
  • Marital Processes, Marriage and Family Harmony
  • Intellectual Development
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Depression Avoidance and Management
  • Spiritual, Marital, Social and Career Counselling


At My Future Matters Ministry, we are conscious of the impacts of the quality and credibility of a team or management of an organisation on corporate reputation and attainable success.

Therefore, our team is ably led by the visionary Evangelist (Mrs) Adetula Titilayo, a renowned Public Speaker, reputable Seminar Leader, intelligent Educationist, professional Business Manager and experienced Administrator.


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